TMS INDUSTRY 4.0 controls the whole production process from extraction to the finished products.
All data and reports with OEE and KPI's are generated automatically.

Implementation of TMS INDUSTRY 4.0 in Quarries changes, how to operate the aggregate business.
Using the latest digitalization technology makes it possible to automatically collect and store all production data from blasting to finished products.
TMS INDUSTRY 4.0 technology is getting simpler, faster, easier to use and less costly than ever before. This makes technology adoption and deployment possible for aggregate
By connecting data between production equipment and systems, managers get a holistic view of site operations, with the ability to create valuable production and performance
reports for extraction, processing and load-out operations.
TMS INDUSTRY 4.0 keeps it simple by online usage of KPI and OEE reports, which tells immediately about the performance of the operation.


Mapping of physical production processes in a digital system (Digital Twin).

Predictive Maintenance

Monitoring of the condition and performance of equipment to avoid unplanned downtime.

Analysis tools

Analytical reports which allow to compare and control the efficiency of the elements of production line.

Easy Online Access

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our clients

 TMS System works in over 100 quarries, sand and gravel pits and cement plants, as well as infrastructure companies. Our customers are the worlds leading companies in the industry.